FanX White-Label

FanX is a white-label platform making every fan experience count. Users get the fastest scores, stats, news, and social content for their favorite sports team. FanX offers brand application, push notification promotions, simplified content management, and custom gps arena guides.

Serving 30+ Unique Brands and Over 30k Users

Fan Engagement Redefined

The Fanx app is designed with each identity in mind. We built an automated system for quick and easy brand application. The design system gives personalized brand content without the hassle. Our streamlined process took app design from a few days, to a few hours.

The Secret Sauce

App updates are made easy with the content management portal. Partners can schedule promotions and push notifications, connect fans with sponsors, and provide a seamless game experience. Giving partners the tools to better serve users is the secret ingredient for a successful platform.

Come For the Tech, Stay for the Service