FanX White-Label

Making Every Fan Experience Count

Product Design

FanX is a white-label platform bringing fans closer to the action and building trust between fans and sponsors. How do we design a platform to bring teams, fans, and sponsors together in a way that works for everyone? The challenge was creating a streamlined process for scaling the the platform as we gained partners and new insights while rolling out new features seamlessly across each platform.

Serving 30+ Unique Brands and Over 30k Users

Fan Engagement Redefined

The Fanx app was designed with each identity in mind. With strong collaboration between engineering and design, we built a design system for quick and easy brand application. The system used a library of components and customizable colors to export app assets via Illustrator, automatically organized into the proper folder structure. The final folder was dropped into GIT for engineering to apply with ease. Our streamlined process took app design from a few days, to just a few hours.

The Secret Sauce

App updates are made easy with the content management portal. Partners can schedule promotions and push notifications, add sponsored content, update team schedules, and generally keep fans up-to-date in real time.  As we ideated new ways to keep this tool relevant to partners and in sync with app capabilities, we were able to quickly design new features using my library of web components. We found that giving partners control removed a lot of pressure from the customer service team in time needed to onboard new partners. Giving partners the tools to better serve their users is the secret ingredient for a successful platform.

Come For the Tech, Stay for the Service