Hayneedle Holiday

Art Direction

Hayneedle’s home décor sales can be split into 2 major seasons: Outdoor and Christmas. A bulk of revenue comes down to the success of these campaigns. I worked alongside a very talented group of designers, photographers, buyers, copy writers, and marketing experts to bring the holiday season to life. The work was highly collaborative and took a combination of skills, communication, and strong teamwork.

Working closely with our creative director – Jill Rizzo, the design team put together mood boards to fit the chosen theme. We went with a combination of a classic American Christmas alongside a magical Christmas forrest. These visuals would help everyone in the committee come together around a central brand message for the campaign.

Photography and Styling

The design team assisted with art direction at the in-house photography studio to craft the perfect picture. Lifestyle imagery was shot to be natural, day-in-the-life, lighthearted, and energetic. The product was always king and came before any people or activity. Designers made sure the photo studio was well informed on how the image would be used post production.

Vibrant Floral Fall

Classic Christmas

Fall Harvest

Touch of Holiday Whimsy

Featured Print

Editorials were featured in big name publications to reach a wide audience of new shoppers. Mailers were sent to various market segments of 600k+ new and returning customers. Both pieces of print included a discount code to help us track engagement, and the item codes in association to the codes to understand sale trends on featured items. We received invaluable feedback to help us better understand the impact of our campaign decisions.